When you put your penis into a spicy pepper and then have sex with a girl who has been masterbating with an ice dildo.
I really liked the sex life Lisa and I had, until she made me do the red hot blues.
by QB186 July 18, 2008
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Worcester, MA 1950's a very hot day was "hot as blue blazes"
Radio says it will reach 95 degrees today, it will be "hot as blue blazes".
by jimmy ex-worcester August 27, 2007
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A disease that causes the males genital area to turn blue and release a discharge; usually from rough sex, or having sex with a woman that has blue waffle.
My penis is blue man, that chick must have given me blue hot dog.
by sally apples May 9, 2011
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the act of shitting spreading the lips of a blue waffle,shitting in it, having intercourse and ejaculating in the shit infested vagina, and eating the poo-cum out of the blue waffle
Person 1: "Dude Jeff loves fucked up shit...i heard he ate Sheena's blue hot pocket"

Person 2:...
by FuckinScentedMarkers June 1, 2011
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When you pee on a Belgian woman's chocolate starfish.
Last night I hot blue mooned her and she loved it.
by Imam Thurman March 1, 2015
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