a mild exclamation of suprise, emotion, or awe.
"Jiminy, that was such a good game!"
by boobthebuilder32 January 5, 2020
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n. From "Jiminy Cricket". All that is not Cricket, especially antics or activities that interfere with a good game of Cricket.
The 2007 Cricket World Cup is regarded as the most shithouse Cup ever, due to an unprecedented level of jiminy.
by Ramiel August 20, 2007
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jiminie pabo in korean means : "Jimin is dumb "

as told by the dumb master himself.
Taehyung :"Ji-min-ie-pa-bo"

Random girl :"Jiminie pabo ."
Jimin : "WHAT THE HELL ??
by 148bunny:) October 9, 2018
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Coined by Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation fame, the genre known as Jiminy cockthroat is an open world, stealth game with crafting and collectibles. Common examples of this repetitive game type are Ghost of Tsushima, Far Cry 5, The Last of Us, and Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.
"Have you heard about Pragmata?"
"Yeah, it's just gonna be another one of those Jiminy cockthroat games."
by asmodeusUD October 24, 2020
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A mixed drink consisting of lager beer, bourbon, lime juice, and sugar.
"Tim stayed on the wagon for a whole month this time, but he was lured back to drinking by the siren song of a Jiminy Cricket
by Pernicious Lim October 1, 2018
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