Someone who is attractive and sexy! That can ease the soul. Just seeing them and being around them can make life so much more pleasant, taking your mind of all the problems in the world. A person that is not hard to give one's self to fully. They are also full of energy and inspiring. Mmmmm
Alexandria A. G. from Mount Pleasant MI <3 You Cutie!
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Hazel Karooma-Brooker who played Anne Boleyn in Six the Musical. She is a living definition of cutie
Cathy "I need 5 letter word describing a cutie."
Anne "Do you have any letters?"
Cathy "Yeah, it starts with H and ends with..."
Anne "HAZEL!!!"
Cathy "... That's the word I was looking for. Thanks"
by catherine.parr.1512 June 5, 2020
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Compact Beauty, the kind you just want to put in your pocket and keep beside you forever
Keeley is SUCH a Cutie!
by NT1983 October 12, 2010
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Someone that is both physically attractive along with their personality being flawless.
Faith Fraiia is a cutie
by Dantedna August 5, 2018
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A word for a person who looks really hot
by Dragons lair 69 November 19, 2020
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