Jihadism is the use of violence to achieve Islamism
ISIS are trying to establish an Islamic Caliphate through Jihadism.
by Reminisce OG January 25, 2016
Jihad literally means "struggle". This constant struggle is to establish islamic norms and rituals by deceit or pseudo-secularism and it touches every aspect of human life. It focuses on changing on demographics of a place, region or country so that Islam can be established as de facto.
Love-Jihad, Population-Jihad, Migration-Jihad, Land-Jihad,
by Sexy muhurte February 5, 2021
Holy war in the defense of Islam or Muslim liberty.
Jihad is to struggle, fight, or strive in the way of God. This does not always mean fighting with violence, but also daily struggles. Trying to be a good Muslim is jihad.
by Dancing with Fire July 15, 2011
a word that has been interpreted a million different times and a million different ways.

radical Translation: kill anyone that is not muslim

educated Translation: War within oneself; struggle to find the true meaning of islam
people of little intellect often interpret the meaning of jihad, and a think it means blood shed.
by krupa May 27, 2004
More than one Jihad; multiple holy wars.

Also, a word that will likely give you an uncontested victory over your feeble-minded opponents in Scrabble.
When Molly used the word Jihads in Scrabble, Colton got so angry he threw a fit, flung the Scrabble board across the room, and promised perpetual Jihads against her and her family.
by Frogmartian June 15, 2010
Jihad is often translated as "Holy War", although a closer translation from its arabic origins is "struggle towards good", whether that means internal strife or fighting against those who attempt to destroy Islam.

Also note, the word Jihad does not mean to kill infidels as is often said by racist fatherless children ie-bastards, but rather defend Islam against those who wish to destroy it. Islam does not say to conquer the world and enslave or kill all infidels.
Ahmad has been trying to avoid drinking alcohol while in college, he is on a personnel jihad against alcohol and peer-pressure.
by rasul July 5, 2004
probably the most misconceived arabic word in existence. it means to work hard and be just, despite obstacles and difficulties. it is the holy war within oneself, the struggle to be a righteous, good human who treats everyone with love and respect, despite the difficulties of everyday life. it does NOT mean blowing oneself up in the name of god. that is done by twisted lunatics who do not know what Islam really is.
in life, it is a jihad to be patient and kind when people are cruel to you.
by lightoftheuniverse October 31, 2017