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Jihad is often translated as "Holy War", although a closer translation from its arabic origins is "struggle towards good", whether that means internal strife or fighting against those who attempt to destroy Islam.

Also note, the word Jihad does not mean to kill infidels as is often said by racist fatherless children ie-bastards, but rather defend Islam against those who wish to destroy it. Islam does not say to conquer the world and enslave or kill all infidels.
Ahmad has been trying to avoid drinking alcohol while in college, he is on a personnel jihad against alcohol and peer-pressure.
by rasul July 04, 2004
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A word first mentioned by Binary Star as popular hip-hop music. Namely, Mtv rap songs such as anything produced by Puff Daddy since biggies demise, Ja Rule, 50cent, Eminem, etc...
50cent is a manufactured rapper, complete with his own clothing-line. He is the definition of hip-pop.
by rasul July 06, 2004
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