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The act of simulating a jihad. Thus might include an assembly of people pretaining caucasian decent. This crew of people dress up as if they are of indian decent by dressing up, dancing and talking like real jihads.This often involves bed sheets, shantis and the sounds of Bollywood. To really jihad, the assembly of caucasian people must dance around public places, thus entertaining the many curious on-lookers for an extended amount of time.
Lets do some jihading downtown tonight!
by greencosmos September 12, 2007
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When a Middle Eastern man is face fucking a Middle Eastern woman. Originates from the Sherdog OT.
"I walked in on my Middle Eastern roommate Jihading his wife-to-be on the couch"

"Upon informing her family that she had been defiled during a rough jihading, they proceeded to stone her to death"
by Rusty Shackleford III August 31, 2007
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