when you are high and you feel like moving, u sort of jus be vibrating lowk dont make that weird tho
"ayo those 2 blinkers givin me the jiggles"
by weedmaster99 February 14, 2022
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The act of Jiggle Cooking but performed by a male typically done in the ass.
Berlyn: Does that dude have pancakes in his ass?
Evan: Yeah it's called Male Jiggle Cooking, its like Jiggle Cooking but for dudes.
by Olegard July 24, 2020
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when a guy literally swings his testicles around
i turkey jiggled last night my watching lesbian massage porn, it was great you know turkey jiggling
by captainstabbin123 November 27, 2016
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When you vomit while eating jello during intercourse
Guy 1: "Man i just wongina jiggled again."
Guy 2: "Did you just wongina jiggle on my back again?"
by sexygaypickle April 10, 2022
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