the one sexy beast from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5 - Golden Wind. With the stand 'Six Bullets' (Sex Pistols) he can manipulate the bullets (actual bullets not the human like ones that help him)
"Have you seen JJBA pt5 yet?"

"Yeah I love Mista."
by herpiesfreesince03 June 13, 2019
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Mista's a guy from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure who despises the number 4.
Guy 1: Hey man, you ever heard of mista?
Guy 2: Yeah, and he's best jobro
by Abbachio June 18, 2020
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Someone that hasn’t washed their balls in years, and or has not taken a bath in who knows how long. Mista is a fictional character from “jojo’s bizarre adventure” well know for not washing his balls. Therefore, he should be used to refer to someone that is very unsanitary. Although they might be hot
You’re so, mista! Wash your balls!
by Mikasabigbiddies February 14, 2021
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Musty crusty stank ass sassy shoota
Ayo whats mista wit cho stank ass!
by Narancia! March 20, 2022
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A guys that gets you pregnant then leaves you and denies it’s his so he doesn’t have to take care of it.
Sarah’s baby daddy is a mista mista. He just up and ran once he found out he got per pregnant.
by christabell lillian dandy November 25, 2017
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one damn sexy bitch.

(reputed to induce instaneous orgasm. (x3) )
ohmagodlah! itsamistalah! itsamista! itsA-A-A-O-OH-OOOOOH-OHMY-MY-MY-MY-MY-MY-MY-MISSSSSTAAA.
(direct quote.)
by mista ^^ September 4, 2003
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