Some guy from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo whose clothes look like swiss cheese and his stand can give people diseases.
Person 1: "Have you heard of Pannacotta Fugo from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?"
Person 2: "No, who's that?"
by Bomberman. October 12, 2019
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Guys c’mon the boat scene wouldn’t be nearly as emotional if everyone joined. Plus Narancia was also about to dip. He had a good reason to not join a suicide mission. No one in the anime was angry at him nor held him accountable so please leave cheese boy alone. Plus we got Purple Haze Feedback so I’d say it’s a fair trade.
Fugo, the underused character who got an amazing novel to make up for it.
by Pimpleapps April 27, 2021
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A fucking pussy with a broken-ass stand
Person 1: hey did you hear about fugo?
Person 2: yeah he abandoned his friends even though he had a fucking busted stand that could easily prevented Narancia, Polnareff, and Abbachio from dying
by Frick school March 8, 2020
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someone who abandoned his friends instead of dying with them on a trip to overthrow the Italian Mafia group called Passione. He is a COWARD
“he is such a fugo
by Rengoku’s cum sack November 4, 2020
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A "Fugo" is an emotionless robot that wears abnormally high socks, usually beats up moms with sock-em boppers.
Oh my God, I had know clue you were a Fugo, mom run!!!!
by Patrick Hynes March 18, 2009
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like fugly, a person who is a "Fugoe" is ugly.
best said in a "valley girl" accent

pronounced fu-go

.. comes from the mind of Mr Fugoe of the GD
"OMG she is such a Fugoe!"

"... and when i got there he turned out to be a complete Fugoe"

"OMFG i cannot believe you let me go home with a Fugoe last night */wrists*"

person 1: "oh man look at that Fugoe"
person 2: "OMFG WTF IS THAT THING?!"
by Mr Fugoe December 30, 2009
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