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Slang that means "very" or "kind of". The word is often used in Washington D.C. by the younger African-American generation.
I heard the final exam was jie difficult.

I'm jie hungry right now.
by Da Wizard March 17, 2006
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it means very or a lot
ex: its jie like cold outside today
by lezbianca November 26, 2004
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A jean tie. Worn by baby-boomer bikers and the guy that still does Austin Powers imitations at the water cooler on Casual Friday.
"OMG, that asshole is wearing a Jie to my sister's wedding"
by Ampollino September 26, 2007
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Old English for the word Chair, also Chinese for People(wonky eyes)
Thou Jie was comfy
by JieLove June 21, 2014
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