Slang that means "very" or "kind of". The word is often used in Washington D.C. by the younger African-American generation.
I heard the final exam was jie difficult.

I'm jie hungry right now.
by Da Wizard March 17, 2006
it means very or a lot
ex: its jie like cold outside today
by lezbianca November 26, 2004
Yellow female prostitute that likes to be very very gay. She is a very large ho and will annoy to the point of extreme. Best to stay away or you will enter a state of depression that will likely lead to your death.
The Jie species is sometimes used to assassinate world tyrants due to their exceptional annoying skills. How do you think Adolf Hitler died?
by 2Literz4Lief December 7, 2018
A jean tie. Worn by baby-boomer bikers and the guy that still does Austin Powers imitations at the water cooler on Casual Friday.
"OMG, that asshole is wearing a Jie to my sister's wedding"
by Ampollino September 27, 2007
Name Meaning: (Sickcunt Name) Like Pie its just with a J.

- Chatterbox, Heart like gold and usually good looking with God like abilities. / Superior alien, Freshest of the essential and the baddesst of the maddest.
Noun -This is "Jie's" world, Ya'll are just living in it.
by Lomandro June 23, 2021
Old English for the word Chair, also Chinese for People(wonky eyes)
Thou Jie was comfy
by JieLove June 21, 2014
A shameless maknae who will always claim he’s the cutest as he knows it.
Zhi Jie stop being so shameless.
by Yeu October 8, 2019