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Slang that means "very" or "kind of". The word is often used in Washington D.C. by the younger African-American generation.
I heard the final exam was jie difficult.

I'm jie hungry right now.
by Da Wizard March 17, 2006
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Yellow female prostitute that likes to be very very gay. She is a very large ho and will annoy to the point of extreme. Best to stay away or you will enter a state of depression that will likely lead to your death.
The Jie species is sometimes used to assassinate world tyrants due to their exceptional annoying skills. How do you think Adolf Hitler died?
by 2Literz4Lief December 07, 2018
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A jean tie. Worn by baby-boomer bikers and the guy that still does Austin Powers imitations at the water cooler on Casual Friday.
"OMG, that asshole is wearing a Jie to my sister's wedding"
by Ampollino September 26, 2007
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He's usually an Asian Faggot, he can really get pissed at dumb jokes but yet, makes them himself. He would often call other people cunts and mis use the would Nigga
by Kийур November 26, 2018
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