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jiah means closest to my heart.

in greek jiah is usually a sporty, pretty girl. she is supposed to be either very kind or really helpful.
by itsme1804 June 01, 2018
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Jiah is a female with feelings she's a female that doesn't tell anyone anything about how she feels inside because of her trusting issues and her being afraid of getting judged by someone such as getting called too "sensitive" she's someone who wants ONE person and one person only and that's someone special that makes her smile, laugh and feel confident with herself and she would do anything for that person no matter. She makes everyone day because she's a daymaker and also joyful plus goofy so if a person named Jiah which is a very rare and unique name tells you how she feels please don't call her too sensitive. Listen to her and comfort her in the best ways you can and don't tell anyone what she has told you because she may be hurting inside.
Jiah is so beautiful.
Jiah is so kind.
Jiah is so joyful.
by I always speak truth November 11, 2018
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A word for cow in Korean.
Hey! Did you milk Jiah the other day?

I think we should milk Jiah.....
Yeah sure! After that, lets eat her!
by Haij Oey November 21, 2013
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jiah is a shortname for Nazihah

that means pure and honest
jiah was beautiful even without make up
every men that seen her smile will fall in love with her but she's afraid of envious of other girl
by zulfadhly February 09, 2018
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