1) Describes something or someone that is awesomely cool
2) Describes something or someone that is physically strong, hard
1) James drove his father's Porsche to the school social. "Hell,dude" said his friend "That's one muscly car!"
2) Thai hookers give the best sex - they have the most muscly vaginas
by Argusm May 14, 2007
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Fans were told by the god himself (Christian Yu) not to call him a skinny legend, rather to call him a muscly legend because he said he will start working out.
"For people that are calling me a skinny legend, I do not know what that means, I guess that is referring to being skinny and being a legend that being skinny, so uhh that's not gonna last very long, I'm going to start working out.
But you can call me a MUSCLY LEGEND then.
by Weganggang November 19, 2018
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Masculine or Muscular In another world form meant for fast typing, mainly used on males but can also be used on females if you wish.
"Woah man, that dude over there is pretty muscly."
by PacketofPride July 18, 2021
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