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Extremely sexy, loyal, caring , ambitious and Hard working. Once you find an olly you never let him go.
Im so glad i have Olly.
by missyb123 October 13, 2008
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A person who when drunk would masturbate around someones house.
Guy: Is it true that he masturbated around your house?
Guy 2: yeah, he's such an olly
by FatherK January 03, 2010
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A boy with brown or blonde hair and likes sticking near 1 person. He is an organised goodie who later will become the complete opposite.
You've made an olly change!
by Someone...1234 January 04, 2016
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If your name wasOlly you would need to see a doctor imediatley.Olly is a seriously retarded person who likes potatoes.

You don't want to be Olly
Omg Ollys over there he's gonna infect us with his retardedness
by Olly Marshall October 10, 2014
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A name that is synonymous with being a complete and utter twat. If you have a son and call him Olly, be prepared for him becoming a massive cunt during his teenage years.

Men called Olly almost ALWAYS shop at Topman or at least River Island, wear really skinny Chinos, wear shit pumps that expose the hair on the top of their feet, wear beanies and wear very tight shirts that expose their non-existent six packs. Sometimes they may also pierce both their ears and wear extremely obvious large diamond stud earrings.

People called Olly will typically read the NME and worship indie bands such as the Arctic Monkeys. They may also take keen interest in The X Factor. They may also have an iPhone and Instagram absolutely EVERYTHING... typically hash-tagging all their photos.

They also have the most arrogant personalities. Olly will be very full of himself, thinking he can get almost any girl he wants by any means necessary.

All in all, if you are called Olly, be prepared to be labelled with these stereotypes. Whilst not all people called Olly are like this, they will possibly fulfil at least one of these stereotypes.
Olly: "Hey guys, I'm just reading the NME, I love the Arctic Monkeys! They are the best band since The Beatles. What do you think of my new Chinos?"

Person: "You're a cunt mate."
by I'm mad bro November 04, 2012
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Fascist male, possibly self-obsessed, probably short. Will strut around like Mosely
"Hey, don't be an olly!"

*someone is putting on a dapper hat* - they are "ollying it up"
by Lady E of Kincavel May 18, 2009
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