Extremely sexy, loyal, caring , ambitious and Hard working. Once you find an olly you never let him go.
Im so glad i have Olly.
by missyb123 October 13, 2008
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A kid who is so fucking sexy and has a long ass dick who also is in your moms bed right now.
That dude is such an Olly cos he fucked my mom.”
by BigDickDaddy-blaze420-6exty9 December 24, 2018
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A kind gentleman with kind eyes. One who cares for many and was raised well. Too hard to not fall for such a man. Attractive, caring and funny! What more can one ask for?
Friend: “so how’s olly?”

Me: “absolutely perfect
by Peg city July 8, 2018
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Short for Oliver, Olwynn, and any other sort of name like this.
Generally very smart, beautiful, and geeky. You will never get bored of an Olly.
Olly is so funny.
by Ollyawesomefree December 14, 2016
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A person who when drunk would masturbate around someones house.
Guy: Is it true that he masturbated around your house?
Guy 2: yeah, he's such an olly
by FatherK January 3, 2010
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a massive vector looking sexy boy who is the most fucking sexy kid you will ever meet
15 years old and likes to bang chicks named cerys and james Charles
has the longest dick you ever saw
cerys: have you seen olly over there he's so fucking fit
me: that's vector
by vector lover December 14, 2020
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