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A guademelon princess. Somone who can make anyone smile. A true dime that every guy is in love with. If you ever meet a Jeimi be sure to keep her close and don't play her. She will put up a true fight and stands firm by what she believes in. If you are lucky enough to have her as a friend she will never betray you unless you do her wrong first. And as for a guy she will be the girl you can't get off your mind and will unknowingly fall in love with. Jeimis are crazy and unique, there is never a dull moment with this girl. A Jeimi is the true queen of sass and you will realize the second you meet her. There isn't anyone as beautiful inside and out as she is.
by Princess122 July 22, 2014
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A hard headed girl but has a big heart . When other people say things about her she stands up for herself and doesn't look back at what she did . She cares for others but other than care for her even if that happens she stilled care. A girl that lives are and is very creative with herself even if others judge.
Jeimi a girl with a big heart and a smart and creative
by DiamondRuby June 14, 2018
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A girl that can understand their feelings but there's can't and that will keep friends close when they are the most honest with them. Hey creative girl with a big creative heart . Doesn't listen to other people that talk about her. She's a girl that stands up for her self but doesn't when I get other people hurt. A kind smart girl with A And B.
Jeimi a girl with the head that doesn't underestimate everybody and herself
by DiamondRuby June 14, 2018
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