(noun) a thing that you can't think of at that particular time
that jawn is huge.
look at that jawn.
what's that jawn called?
let me get one of those jawns
by bowtie killa March 16, 2008
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(noun) Philly vernacular for a woman.
Jawn's aint no good/I would trust 'em if I could/but I can't so I won't/ because they're no damn good/they always trying to do a brother dirty if they could/I know they shouldn't but they would/cuz they're no damn good.
by Alitheluckydegenerate January 17, 2004
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John Watson from the BBC series Sherlock. Sherlock calles John "Jawn" because well, he's Sherlock, and he can do what he wants. Also Johnlock.
Sherlock: JAWN! hand me my phone!
Sherlock: Jawn.
Sherlock: yes, Jawn, obviously.
by JAWN! November 03, 2013
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Originating in Philadelphia, PA. This word is an acronym for: Just Another Word Nigga.
"Jawn" is applicable any where because it is just another word nigga!
by the troof ruth December 12, 2007
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Commenly used for anything that can not be discribed...or it can be described but the person is to lazy to say that word so jawn replaces the original word the should have been used. Jawn is like saying thing but jawn is ten times coooler to say.
HEY! go get the fuckin JAWN!

ummmmm, jawn...ya thats it

why not...its just a...a...jawn
by Drew-Pac November 27, 2005
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Philadelphia hip hop slang for "joint." Used interchangably by Philly-heads
That new Roots jawn, "The Seed v 2.0," is dope.
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A synonym for jeans. More commonly used by hipsters who own, or are referring to raw denim.
Hipster 1: Dude check out my new jawns!!!
Hipster 2: Come on, you don't have shit on my jawns, I got them from Self Edge!!
by Secksaddict January 31, 2011
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