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Philly slang for a person, place, or thing (Jawn).
I cant find that jawn anywhere.
Did you see that movie? That jawn was horrible.
Yeah, I got the same jawn from Macy's.
That new Jawn that moved in down the block is HOT!
Gimme that jawn!
by Pab(Philly native) February 13, 2012
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a word used by Philly cats to describe anything and everything.
NY cats interject with the word "joint" but it doesn't convey the same feelings.
you see that car? that jawn was hot.
you was at Keisha's jawn last night?
when them planes flew into that jawn, it exploded!!
you heard that new jawn by B.Seigs & Freeway?
i hit this one jawn in my trunk, nigga!!
nah, i was at the jawn when she came by.
by Jay Sticky (ooowee!!) March 07, 2003
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a word used by people in philly, it can mean anything, like a fine girl, a blunt, really, it can be used for everything. it basically means "thing".

Oh yeah it was origin8ed in PHILLY not NY
Yo pass me that jawn
Dayum that jawn is fine as hell
what the F*** is that jawn
Yo....Who took that jawn
by nett March 18, 2005
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actual quote.... " i put my jawn in the jawn, and some jawn took that jawn, and now my jawn is gone"
by dhani May 22, 2004
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A word used in Philadelphia to describe any noun whose appropriate word could not be recalled by the brain in the necessary time. You can tell the general education level of the user of said word by how many times they use it in a sentence.
yo i went to that jawn down at the plat, yo there were like 6 jawns down there man you shoulda whipped out the '97 jawn picked up a couple jawns and came down, pussy
by eatshitniggahh December 01, 2006
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"yo man this jawns hot as hell yo"

"Naw yo this jawns way better"

"Did u see that jawn walking down the street the otha day? daaaaaaamn"

"Get off my jawn"
by nick September 17, 2003
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The word jawn is a noun. It describes a person (females tho), place or thing. Jawn is Philly slang used to describe everything and anything but is alway understood
Yo look at that jawn right there, she bad as shit.

You goin to the jawn tonight?

Yo let me see that jawn.

I was talkin to this lil short jawn. She said she lost her phone so I let her use my jawn.
by J. Re February 02, 2009
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