The combination of the phrases why and how come usually in connection with a question about anything.
Sue: We have to go to that thing tonight.

Bob: Why come?

Sue: Did you just say why come?

Bob: Yeah, why come?

Sue: Sigh
by Rich N. Kreemy December 10, 2007
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Comes from the film Idiocracy. Same as "how come" or "why" just combined.
by chchchelseauh July 01, 2007
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a term used south of the ohio river by total dolts.
1) i am going to bang my sister
2) why come you want to fuck your sister
by troy October 31, 2003
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A question, similar to "how come?" but with more emphasis on the motivations of the subject
"Jimmy your mother and I are getting a divorce"

"Why Come?"

"Because she is a no good skank"
by Mattconno July 26, 2008
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A phrase used when someone crashes their bike into you and you hit your head.
Biker: *Rides and hits man*
Biker: s o r r y
by fgt lmao rofl November 22, 2018
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So,you have probably clicked on the word and now you are reading and wondering;Why the hell did i search for that ?So,now you are probably questing your entire existence ,you are tying to find where you really belong to.What's your purpose ?You have never ever thought this day would come ,because you never thought you would search Why did i come here ? in Urban Dictionary.You see it's in the nature of humans to make such choices and ..well...face the consequences .Because Why did i come here ? it's not a word nor a random phrase.It is the fundamental foundation of the society we live in today.It is an ideology.A way of living someone would say.3 minutes ago you decided to search for that phrase thinking no one was going to give a definition for it,thinking you would fulfill you destiny ,and answer all your questions about existence ,life and death ,the universe itself.And ,yes ,the question remains in your mind ,:Why did i come here? and you are tying your best to find a solution to this endless paradox.You seem confused.Well,there is more.By entering every single word for that phrase ,letter by letter you pinpointed the path of your faith.You have created an anomaly in spacetime itself.Every fundamental string of the universe ,every single particle is affected by your ...your curiosity.This paradox created a space shifting matrix which you can never escape.You will never forget the moment you typed these damned words:Why did i come here ?.
example ~ you right now :Why did i come here ?What am i supposed to do now ?
by Confused Cat January 12, 2018
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