Dove is the person that captivates your heart with a single glace. beautiful to no end. elegant like a empress. she's a forever beauty. the love in many people's life. no one is able to escape from the captivation of her eyes.
guy: that girl is so fine she must be a dove
Dove: how did you know my name is dove?
by SecretFanOFDove September 10, 2019
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The one who is most special person in the whole world. A very pretty person who deserves all the love possible.The one cutie loves the most in his life.She is what all cutie needs to be with for life happily.
Synonym :Himanshi ,Sasha,Jaana.
by mmmnabhanya April 5, 2018
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'Omg, a pigeon'
'No, thats a dove. See? It's white'
by Thom_cat September 7, 2008
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Dove is a super cute person. Dove has great music taste and actually listens to gems you’ve never heard of. Dove is a great artist and makes very cute art. Dove is understanding and kind, but will not hesitate to send you to the 8th ring of hell. Dove is watercolors, pastel colors, books containing your favorite characters, soup on a rainy day, dove is frogs hoping in the pond and soft pillows to sleep on. Dove can also beat up any hisoka in a 5 mile radius, protecting the children. Dove is a cute marshmallow :3
Who’s coming with you to the party?
Dove’s coming with me, dove always the best conversation topics. Dove also plans to drop kick hisoka
by Mr o hare December 2, 2021
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A good, friend, acquaintance and/or partisan that has many things in common.

Antonym: Coot
A: Where you at dove?
B: Back at the nest watching the coots putt dove!
A: Alright see you in a minute dove.
B: Hurry up or I'm going to call you a Coot, Dove!
by Nicktor January 4, 2011
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That Dove is holding a olive branch there must be land near by!
by no.10 February 17, 2011
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