Jawns can mean anything as long as it is used in context. A verb, noun, pronoun, adverb, preposition, or even an exclamation. Jawns emphasizes the significance of the lack of anything else to say. Jawns originates from the word 'jawn' used in Philly.
As a noun:
Bob: Holler
George: Lemme get that jawns
As a verb (and a noun)
History teacher: Hello kids
Kid: If we jawns that jawns can we jawn it?
As an adverb:
Ferdinand: It was done in an extremely jawn fashion.
As an exclamation:
by LEEEEEEEOOOO May 14, 2006
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Word commonly used by people in and around philly meaning anything.
Give me that jawn.

That jawn was the shiz.

I'm the jawnest jawn cause no jawn is jawner than me.
by xsoccerxrocksx12x June 12, 2009
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term used for illegally purchased oxycontin pills, in philly and surrounding areas
"yo, u know whos got jawns?"
"yeah hit up my boy, hes always got dem"
by phillyboy0291 April 15, 2009
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Plural form of 'jawn' (A person, place, or thing)
That's some good jawns, give me more.
by Abner Diaz November 12, 2002
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The way niggers spell John.
Brasil: Hey John, you should stay in school and learn some more, cuz well, you need it.
John: NO...Im self-taught, jus liek ma hero, Frederick Douglass.
Guam: Yeah? I bet you can't even spell your name.
John: Yes I can. It's J-A-W-N. Jawn!
Brasil: LOL
Guam: LOL
ArmoHater: LOL
Dustywabbit: LOL
MassaKim: LOL
Thug: LOL
SupremeCommander: LOL
Friday13th: Let's not hate guys...
John: Wat?! Fawk yuuuuuuuu
by BrasilStyle March 09, 2010
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Jawn, is a word that originated in Philadelphia. It is a noun, meaning person, place, or thing and can be used for any word that's a noun when you don't know the original name.
Example: "I couldn't get the jawn cause the jawn said she aint have the jawn when she was at the jawn yesterday"
by DeezNuts215 May 11, 2013
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(noun) a thing that you can't think of at that particular time
that jawn is huge.
look at that jawn.
what's that jawn called?
let me get one of those jawns
by bowtie killa March 16, 2008
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