it's when you turn yellow from liver malfunction you fucking morons
Bill drinks too much so his skin is jaundice
by mark July 10, 2005
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1) The state of possessing a yellow hue, whether due to its nature or its manufacturer's preference.
2) Used to describe a repulsive thing or person.
3) Used to describe both the yellow and nauseating attributes of your everyday potassium-crazy fruit, the banana.
1) "That fire hydrant is so jaundice!"
2) "Shauna?! What a jaundice girl."
3) "No, I will not eat that jaundice, jaundice banana."
by Captain Bojangles July 25, 2008
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1. Where your skin is a yellowish pasty colour sometimes seen in baby's right after there born or someone with a liver malfunction.
2.Something thats shit.
3.A word describing joy or happiness.
1. That newborn is so jaundice OR You drink so much your going jaudice
2.My school is so jaundice
by Maddeson May 9, 2008
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1. relating to something that is the shit.
2. one will say when they are excited or happy.
If I get this job, it will be the jaundice.

Damn, that girl is the jaundice!

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A nerdier way of using the Philly slang word, jawn.
-"Yo Chad, I just got my physics test back"
-"What did you get on that jaundice?"
-"I got a 33."
by Kuntalopolous April 24, 2010
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a cinnamin for the goods. It can reefer to body parts or stuffed aminals or anythink that you want. even poop.
lyn moore: whats that jaundice?
other kid: dude you're really hot.
by banana April 26, 2005
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