does anyone have to use the hydrant?

excuse me a second, i've gotta use the hydrant.
by Jesse Colburn March 29, 2008
a person who attracts the (often unwanted) attention of dogs.

see fire hydrant.
"he's always flirting with girls he wouldn't date in a million years."

"yeah, he's a total hydrant"
by hammond swiss March 20, 2005
Your not going to stick that Hydrant in me, it would split me wide open.
by Avienn September 11, 2009
A large butt plug, so named because it resembles a fire hydrant in size.
Baby loves her hydrant more than she loves me.
by Col. Dr. April 24, 2006
This refers to fear mongering by the media and political groups, to manipulate the public, by emphasizing things that could cause fright.
The storylines about disease, war and climate are designed to have viewers drink from a fear hydrant!
by I, Wreckerrr May 14, 2021
Adjective - a bad situation that is becoming worse
Example: "Not only did I get fired but my wife left me. This day has been a total shit hydrant."
by Ryo-FFXIV November 12, 2013
When vast amounts of semen are excreted from the head of the penis.
Phyllis: Gurrrl, why yo eyes so messed up?

Brittany: I didn't realize Billy Bob cums so much; it was like a cum hydrant!

Phyllis: Oh! I've made that mistake before.
by Dr. Purple Cock February 5, 2014