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synonymous with "jerkoff".. jagbag being most popular in the midwest region of the USA.
I was drivin' down the road when this jagbag cut me off.
by BlackSheep March 14, 2003
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1. the semen filled reservoir-tip of a used condom
2. a person who is a jackass, particularly in Chicago
Those cabbies who drive like maniacs are real jag bags.
by wacb September 27, 2007
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This word is actually a sister-word to douchebag. A jagbag refers to a bag filled with tissues from males taking actions into their own hands.
by W. Khan October 15, 2004
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Radio-safe substitution for jackass coined by radio personality Mike North from Chicago. Combines the feel of douchebag, jerkoff, and jackass for maximum effect.
I can't believe that freaking jagbag in a taxi cut me off!
by silverwolfcc May 18, 2016
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A word that is insultive and hurtful, but too unclear for anyone to actually define it. An all purpose insult.
"Dude, quit being such a jagbag"
by Mark Rhomberg November 14, 2006
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