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an open instant messaging standards protocol, based on xmpp (extensible messaging and presence protocol)
i updated my jabber client this morning, and it's looking great.
by milk October 06, 2003
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The slang term, referring to a Punjabi person, could be a male or female. Usually used by Guju's or Gujarati people to describe a Punjabi.
Raj Patel: Damn look at those cookies!(hot indian girls)
Vinay Patel:They look like Jabbers (Punjabis).
Raj Patel: Nah, Jabbers arnt that hott.

Raj Patel: What do u call a jabber doing bhangra?
Vinay Patel: Dance SINGH!
by Sacs Finest =P May 05, 2009
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v : talk rapidly or babble
Overtaken by fright, the woman jabbered and screamed in the night.
by Joe aka Codes August 19, 2003
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Oww, you've written a spiteful definition of me. You really showed me, you even went so far as to call me "canadian"...If being canadian was even a bit insulting, I'd be inclined to write more, but..uhh..I AM canadian. And anothing thing d00d, how come whenever you're all out of insults or clever remarks (which you seem to be out of stock of these things 90% of the time) you resort to calling people "bitches"? After watching you call everyone who disagrees with your stupid opinions a bitch, it wears thin. It's tired and unfunny, just like you. Nobody likes you, nobody is laughing at your definitions either. Stop embarrassing yourself.
"Hurr hurr, I are g-union. You is a bitch, hurr hurr I are so clever!!!11111/eleven11"
by Jabbers August 30, 2004
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One who is generally sleazy, sneaky, and cunning, soley for his benifit.

Origin: In old english, a "Jabber" was a horny man who would try to quickly "jab" his penis into any hole or crevice often victimising women and even other men who were unaware but left with an icky, creepy feeling.
There's something about her boyfriend I don't like. He seems like a bit of a jabber.
by Dude Man December 29, 2004
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