izzle is a slang, American English suffix used for pop-culture slang. It is sometimes called Snoop speak because it was popularized by Snoop Doggy Dogg, but several other artists have used similar slang long before him like MC Lucas and Dr. Dre. The izz infix technique is a similar form of this.
Snoop: "sup my nizzle, ima get a 40 izzle and be at my baby mizzles."
Dr. Dre: "Fo shizzle my nizzle."
by sir bluntar January 15, 2007
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suffix (formal)- More commonly used to show sincerity, politeness, and respect; used politically correct ("P.C.") in ignant situations.
Excuse me my nizzle, could please pass the salt?
by Romeo! June 07, 2009
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Word invented by Snoop Dogg but stolen by white people so black people can't use it anymore.
White Guy #1: What's up my pizzle!
White Guy #2: Just chillin' dawg.
White Guy #1: What's up nizzle nigga.
Black Guy: I'm gonna have to ice this bitch.
by Joe the Hoe. October 13, 2008
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Despite what is written elsewhere, the use of "izzle" as the completion of a word appears, at least in popular music, well before Snoop Dogg. Frankie Smith's "Double Dutch Bus" prominently features this linguistic trick in 1981. What follows as an example is not written by me, but by another writer whose explanation and analysis appears elsewhere.
Concerning the use of izzle, there seem to be two legitimate ways of speaking like this - adding 'ilz,' adding 'izz,' or adding izzle after the first consonant or diphthong, as in nizzle. You can actually hear it both ways clearly on the CD. The girls/kids seems to add the 'L' while the guy doesn't always. Furthermore, on the next song on the CD, "Swing Thing," Frankie explains how to talk this way, and he uses 'izz' in the explanation. Hence "Swizzang Thizzang." I will use the 'L.'

OK, back to business...Here we go!

-Hillzey gilzirls, yilzall hilzave t' milzove illzout the wizay silzo the gilzuys can plilzay bilzasket bilzall (Hey girls! You have t' move out the way so the guys can play basketball)

-I say whilzat? Nilzo yilzou ilzain't (I Say what? No you ain't)

-Yilzall bilzetter milzove! (Y'all better move!)

-I say wilzat? Wilze ilzain't milzoving (I say what? We ain't moving)

Shilzu-gilzar! Wilzy nilzot, bilzaby? (Sugar! Why not, baby?)

Wilze ilzare plilzayin' dilzouble dilzutch! Dilzouble dilzutch. Dilzouble dilzutch. (repeat)

(We are playin' double dutch, double dutch, double dutch (repeat))

-Milzee gilzot silzome-bilzody plilzays dilzouble dilzutch (Me got somebody plays double dutch)

-Whilzo? (Who?)

-My gilzirl! (My girl)

-Brilzing her ilzin! (Bring her in!)

-Ilzo kilzay! (OK)

-Ilzall rilzight (All right)

-Ilzo kilzay (OK)

-Ilzall rilzight! Nilzow wilze wilzill silzee!
by Hollalee June 19, 2010
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An "add on" to any word to add pizazz. Also see melon and palooza
John: Dude, lets go swimming!
Dude: Alrightyizzle. I would love to swizzle with yizzle in the pizzle.

John: What?
by Giannizzle Baudizzle September 11, 2010
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idiotic, meaningless suffix added to words to emphasize ignorance, stupidity or ghetto status. most commonly used by the ghetto population, and also frequently used by white, ghetto-wannabe scum.
"yo, fo shizzle mah nizzle!"

definition: something along the lines of caveman grunting and indistinguishable syllables supposedly forming some type of logical sentence, yet greatly fail to.

synonyms: "duhhhrrr", also see "uhhhh"
by sara m January 13, 2004
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used like pig latin and attached to the end of words. Popularized by Snoop Dogg.
by choadtoad January 19, 2003
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