26 definitions by JayKay

an all white shirt that is longer than wide it comes in L XL XXL they are usally 4-$20 at foot locker
i keep it plain in my white tee
by JayKay February 25, 2005
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a very hard thing to succeed in because most white people can't rap only a few of these rappers that are white succeed, Eminem,Fat Joe, the list goes on both of these rappers are very good
Check out my defintions of eminem-Fat Joe-Uncle-ronnie-Ronnie-detriot side of 8-mile
by JayKay February 24, 2005
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a slang word for thug
it could also me this
or it could mean thang
yo that thizzle is wack he is a punk
by JayKay February 25, 2005
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a respelling of pretty this is ushally used with cars when they have had a new paint job or they got new rims see purrs
My beemer is purddy. She purrs you know what i mean?
by JayKay February 25, 2005
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number 2 of The Eminem Show cd it means the tragity that happened at colombine highschool could happen anywhere and could happen by anyone this also means that the U.S.A should be all white as in "White America" and that there should only be white people that live here
some of the most racist people decleared this since the July 4,1776
by JayKay February 25, 2005
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a car that is made by bmw a suv is not a beemer a beemer is the car made by bmw
my beemer is ridin' on 19's she's purddy
by JayKay February 25, 2005
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A man that attempts to blow up laboratories via lighting hydrogen tanks on fire. Very bad at signing, specifically Mariah Carey.
Gurdat tried to blow up the lab again.
by JayKay November 21, 2017
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