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A word that mean absolutley and fantastically AMAZING!!! basically a word to use insted of amazingley (use Boom) and for absolutley fantastic (use tastic) BOOMTASTIC!!!
Dude 1: "WOAH!!!! that was totally Boomtastic dude!"

Dude2: "Richeous! how'd he do that?"

Street Skating Dude: "Yeah...I'm just that Boomtastic!"
by Jer-Hey!!! June 27, 2011
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'Free mans' Arts

A way of expressing yourself freely with no penalty
Liberal Arts: an Artist becoming an 'Artist' without any type of limitation
by Jer-Hey!!! September 22, 2008
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An MP3 player that was created by Apple computer company in which to hold up to 10,000 songs and possibley more in some time or future the reason 10,000 is simply because peoples song taste's change over time and so they created a device with that much space so that way you the consumer would not have to delete any songs off of it, personally I have 1,000 or so songs so...only 9,000 more to go till I hit the limit and have to delet some songs, my taste's tend to stay the same now =
**Friend** "Hey **another friend** you got a new iPod I hear...what do you have on it man?

**Another friend** "Oh you know the classics like the Ramones, Motley Crue, GNR, Black Sabbath, some Ozzy Osbourne and I even got myself some rap on there too"

**Friend** like who?

**Another friend** Oh I got Jay-Z, some of that Lil Jon' and a few other artists

**Friend** Cool
by Jer-Hey!!! December 4, 2009
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This word "Ditzy" is often used as a way to negetivley called a blonde haired women (typically blonde haired) stupid or not in tune with the world
That hot chick at the bar is so Ditzy

There was this one girl in my science class last year who was as ditzy as a blonde

Simply Jessica Simpson
by Jer-Hey!!! December 19, 2008
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A character of an AWESOME British Spy of the 1970's who will go off 'fighting crime' while being excessivley 'HORNEY! BABY YEAH!' has many phrase's that are know to him specifically such as "Do I MAKE YOU ORNEY! BABY!" **That odd way he stare's at a woman in the movie to allure them to his bed**
he also has horribley disgusting teeth which is suprising considering how much sex he gets which he calls 'Shag'
for Austin Powers there are many phrase's that are know to him specifically such as "Do I MAKE YOU ORNEY! BABY!" **That odd way he stare's at a woman in the movie to allure them to his bed** "SHAGG ME UP BABY!"
by Jer-Hey!!! December 23, 2008
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three words "CALIFORNIA'S NEW! GOVERNATTA! **Freakish Swedish laugh** " Also he is the greatest action film star in history who went from body building into hollywood and made numerous movies
as said by Arnold Swarzanegger AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I AM 'A NALD!'
by Jer-Hey!!! December 19, 2008
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A newb is the more propper way of saying the online Insult noob to a new player on an online game or a new friend on AIM, Myspace, FaceBook, MSN messanger, any program online if you are new to it ppl have the right to call you a Newbie or Newb so don't fight it you'll grow out of it sooner or later when a newer kid moves into town/goes to your school/joins the team
"WOW! that dude is such a Newb he SUCKS! at everything"
another friend hears that being said so he then says
"Oh I know dude"
the Newb then hears the insult and he dorkishley comes up and says
"Hey new friends"
the regular town's kids yell back at him
"Get AWAY! from us ya NEWB!"
by Jer-Hey!!! July 26, 2009
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