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it sounds like a french name. she is a very ambitious, stubbarn person. she is the type of person that she gets what she wants. She is a really sweet person but she can also be a bitch when wrong is done to her family or close friends.. She is the type to push you away but in realilty she wants to be with the same person.
Girl: that girl never gives up in life. whats her name?
Boy: thats Ivon
by iibibibib09 July 12, 2011
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The bitchiest person you will ever meet, very selfish in fact. This girl doesn't care for anybody, but herself. Most Peruvians have this name. This girl is obsessed or anything from Chicken Ramen to Hello Kitty and has VERY BAD TASTE IN GUYS. Also, looks better on myspace! A slut.
Boy: She seems like a slut, not my type. I saw her drooling over some hairy ADTR lover.

Girl: We used to be best friends, but then she cheated on me!
Boy: Cool.
by nigbum293847234234 March 26, 2010
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