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1. Pertaining to the atomic nukulus

2. Pertaining to a weapon typically made out of "yew-ray-nee-um," what blows up real good, an' done half near kill the whole goddamn planet!
1) Grammaw: Jimmy-Ray, what did they learn you in skiewl today?
Jimmy: We did science, Grammaw. We done learned all about the Creation, and even sumthin' about this little bitty thing called the atomic nukulus.

2) "Saddam Hussein recently sought large quantities of uranium from Africa, so he could cook him up a mess of nukular bombs for to blow up the whole Godly nation of Texas." -Dubya
by Carl Willis February 10, 2004
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We have reason to believe that Iraq is storing nukular bombs.
by bub March 08, 2005
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Redneck way of saying nuclear, presently used by our President by stuffed ballet, George W Bush.
"Saddam Hussein has Nukular weapons" said the redneck.
by Chaos Dragon July 15, 2003
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