a suffix used to guesstimate and number or time. when referring to time "-ish" means within plus or minus 15 minutes. When referring to a number "-ish" means within 5.
Guy1: What time is the party?
Guy2: 7:30-ish
Guy1: How many people are going?
Guy2: Idk 30-ish, I think.
by Atticus.Finch September 13, 2009
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Somewhat but not entirely like whatever was just mentioned.
"I'll see you around 6. 6ish."

"We could go to Taco Bell for dinner-ish food."

by DrMel December 21, 2008
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Ish! I don't think I needed to know that Jesse Ventura wants to be reincarnated as 38 DD bra.
by peaches406 March 16, 2004
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the best of the best... the top grade of anything
"Dude thats the ish"


"That ish is dope man"

"Jesse you are the ish"
by Charlaz for Carlaz April 09, 2010
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A shortened form of the old Norwegain expression "ish da". Used to express disgust as in "ick". Popular in Minnesota.
"O my gosh the dog's gotten into something dead and rolled all over it! Ish!"
by Pammie2 March 30, 2007
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A boxing game played between two people. Facing each other, one person punches the air either up, down, left, or right. The other person must move their head and look in any other direction. If they look in the same direction as the punch, they lose. Each player takes turns and the match continues until someone loses.
Person A: Dude, I beat Zach at ish the other day like ten times in a row.

Person B: Hahaha, what a bitch.
by The Cactus 86 February 18, 2010
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