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Someone who is absolutely lovely! can be a bit quiet but is really nice, clever and a great friend :D
A: Awww you're so nice!
B: I can't help it... I'm Cait
by LizzieC! December 14, 2011
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Sexy, extremely friendly, risky yet cautious. Most wanted smile. ADDICTING, innocent,
I'm so jealous of all your Cait-ness.
by Amber Stiklera January 13, 2008
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Cait, one of the nicest girls in the world. She is extremly sexy and has a huge rack. I love the times we spend together in my friends basement. If any of you have the cance to meet cait then ur very lucky.
by wouldentsheliketoknow April 23, 2005
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She is the center of every synchronized fapfest taking place in an online gaming community. Brazilian. Gamer. Car enthusiast. Undoubtedly the sexiest, not fake or slutty, woman to grace the internet. If you aren't attracted to her, you're crazy. Gay men would go straight for her, straight girls would go gay for her.
by Arcturos2 July 13, 2009
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Cait is amazing and funny, she always makes you laugh. She is loud unless she has head phones in. If you meet her you are very lucky
Omg. It's Cait!

She's totally funny!
by It's me bae! Love u January 21, 2017
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