Doing anything that’s the opposite of being online but to the point where it makes you turn bigoted and ignorant.
by Closetedmeepmorp April 19, 2023
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when you slide in gym class and yell "this be yo girls dms"
i dm slide irl everyday in gym classe because i am a lonlely meme king
by SIgabyTheMage January 19, 2017
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I AM THE ONE SINGLE PRINGLE NAMED ELLA AND DO NOT STEEL ME MONCH OR I WILL INHALE YOU RAT DOG POODLE THING YOU DUMB FOOL HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA JH you dumb little bird dog bhfbvrbvhbgvhbghbvhgbvhgnjcfncnfjcnfjnfjnvg3nr4okeqmxd ftvnh3iuamvgnjiht45erwkol dog dug man
Despite how it looks, irl yan is not a term used to say you are the real depiction of a yandere. IRL YAN is a coined term by the IRL YAN coping community. Reclaiming the term IRL YAN as a way of saying “ I use the term yandere to cope “.

This is because yandere comes from the words yanderu , to be mentally ill or sick. And deredere , to be cute and lovey dovey.

Being mentally ill is not inherently going to make you violent or a bad person and the community uses the fictional exaggeration of yandere to cope with intrusive thoughts , dissociation , OCD , BPD , NPD , codependency , anxiety , and depression… the list goes on. Though the coping mechanism can be used in a somewhat albeit manner , this doesn’t go for everyone within the community.

There are also other communities such as the lovesick recovery community for IRL YANS.
Real IRL YAN : “ yeah I’m an irl yan , I use the term to cope “

Fake IRL YAN : “ UwU I’m a yandere for real stabby stabby

Toxic IRL YAN usage : “ Yeah , I’m an IRL yan , I will literally try to attack him if he talks to another female “

Healthy IRL yan usage : “ I’m an IRL YAN , but I don’t act out on the belief of actually being the fictional depiction of yandere by using violence. “
by Be educated September 16, 2023
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When someone says words used on the internet in real life in a cringe fashion
"haha thats so pog" "so redpilled bro" "they were IRLing so hard man it was cringe"
by Mangobitchslap March 23, 2022
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Dovalo is a 24 year old lady living in florida saying random shiz in a roblox baki discord
person "damn dovalo(irl) is a lady never knew"
by Dovalo July 25, 2022
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