Irl = "In real life" (used in imvu)
Do you want to have kids irl.
Do you want to have a kids in real life.
by Gypsyshapeshifter December 8, 2018
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People that you know “in real life,” generally used when online.
Ugh, stop coming at me with this bullshit!! (Not you guys, it’s one of my IRLs 🙄) #homophobia
by Haze~~ February 24, 2019
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An acronym for 'In Real Life' that is popular on Reddit and other social media websites.
A noun typically precedes it in a phrase (e.g., me IRL) used to caption an image or video intended to represent the mental or physical state of the poster. The phrase is also often copied and used humorously thus creating a meme.
Manager: hey, can you pick up an extra shift tomorrow?

me IRL:
by dastefster December 3, 2018
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irl or irl's is a slang term used by twitter users to describe people they know, a friend or friend group in real life.
"my life is OVER if my irl's find my twitter account"

"my irl has the worst boyfriend ever, just break up with him already"
by ihatecrockpotmeals August 14, 2023
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An online term used to describe one's appearance in real life.

It should be known that for the sake of simplicity, an 'IRL' MUST be either:
The full body being shown, or the entire face, otherwise the 'IRL' in question is not an IRL at all!
"Donoghue just posted his IRLs!"
"No you dumbass that's just his teeth, it doesn't count."
by PensterEsther May 1, 2023
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