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Being fictionkin or the idea of fictionkin is the belief that you were once a fictional character or a fictional species in another life, or that you feel spiritually connected with a fictional character or species.

In some cases, some fictionkin people literally are their "kintypes", in the case of being a headmate/alter for someone who has Dissociative Identity Disorder
Most people with this belief tend to gravitate towards the multiverse theory to explain themselves
Jamie is fictionkin. He believes he was Mettaton in another life
by Cool Cat Halloween Jack July 19, 2016
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people who identify as, think they have the soul of, or are literally characters from fiction.
"hey im fictionkin with naruto, I really am naruto!"
by slimewave September 22, 2016
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Identifying partially or entirely as a specific fictional character. it just means you see some characters so similar to yourself you identify with them at times, and prefer to go by that name. This is often accompanied with a slight shift of personality.
Person 1: “I participate in Fiction Kin, I kin Katsuki Bakugou!”
Person 2: “Cool, so do I!”
by EarphoneJack February 24, 2019
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