Being fictionkin or the idea of fictionkin is the belief that you were once a fictional character or a fictional species in another life, or that you feel spiritually connected with a fictional character or species.

In some cases, some fictionkin people literally are their "kintypes", in the case of being a headmate/alter for someone who has Dissociative Identity Disorder
Most people with this belief tend to gravitate towards the multiverse theory to explain themselves
Jamie is fictionkin. He believes he was Mettaton in another life
by Cool Cat Halloween Jack March 19, 2016
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people who identify as, think they have the soul of, or are literally characters from fiction.
"hey im fictionkin with naruto, I really am naruto!"
by slimewave February 9, 2016
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When one identifies as a fictional character or species in a psychological or spiritual way. (Or both)
This can happen through imprinting, an unconscious coping method, odd brain wiring, etc. in the psychological way or in the spiritual way it may happen through having a past life, a soul shard, a misplaced soul or others.

It cannot be chosen and it is not simply relating to a character.
Fictionkin is also a branch off of Otherkin and apart of the alterhuman umbrella. (Which includes therianthropy, starseeds, systems, otherhearted and others.)
Raina is fictionkin, she is an ikran from the movie Avatar (alternatively, she is ikrankin).

Fictionkin come in many different forms and variety’s and are not just people who believe they were characters in past lives
by RimedûinFox January 22, 2022
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fictionkin is a neurodivergent coping mechanism, they ARE this person/object from a video game/show movie or book
My friend is a fictionkin of insert character
by unknown nonsense April 21, 2022
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