So Twitch is a large platform where people stream. and the streams that take place are mainly at their computer or set up.

an irl stream is a stream away from their computer.

if a streamer does this, it's very exciting because they dont happen very often
"What stream is Maisy doing tomorrow?
"an IRL stream!"

by sophieisverycool April 24, 2021
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when your parents come to your room and start talking to you while you're playing/speaking to others, making you quit your previous conversation temporarily
X: "so as i was walking....."
*X quickly mutes*
Y: "aye bro continue"
*30 sec silence, X unmutes*
X: "my bad g i just got irl ganked"
by zolpidemabuser June 12, 2022
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my very swag bsf who has a lot of plants so pup is like, basically basil. plant makes me v happy as he is v nice!
have u heard about user basil_.irl! nyan is so cool!
by venus… August 29, 2021
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