*texting bestie*
A: man he so cute i wish i dated him

*send picture*
B: well you can't date him irl lol
A: yeah lmao
by kate scott mandell August 3, 2020
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A term in deepwoken meaning to off yourself. Normally used as an insult after you've downed someone and they want to talk shit
Person 1: you grip freshies, die.
Person 2: You arent a freshie, you have bell
Person 2: LL
Person 2:?
Person 1: Just wipe
Person 2: wipe irl
by JustAJoker April 17, 2023
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Irle is a very beautiful family name its about a fight and hey irle is the best of the world Irlanden vor noch ein Tor
by Deinemutter123 December 31, 2016
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When you die you see this before choosing a new player
dang, I just got my death screen irl, oh... hi grandpa
by I_Eat_loads_of_Paint April 28, 2021
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my very swag bsf who has a lot of plants so pup is like, basically basil. plant makes me v happy as he is v nice!
have u heard about user basil_.irl! nyan is so cool!
by venus… August 29, 2021
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All of Bell's Life story

Look at Bell , he is an IRL Lobby Filler
CLOWN = IRL Lobby Filler
by THE BIG GRAAL (WOOF WOOF) November 22, 2021
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