A great game, it's 100% pvp, best graphics ever, free until u turn 18 and then u get pwned by hax0rs called "da government" and they steal ur munies frum u til u so poor
but it's mostly a great game to play
OMG i just quit WoW to play irl!
by Shotinthemouth November 26, 2007
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Abbv. for Indy Racing League.
What the fuck, IRL means Indy Racing League you fucking geeks.
by answer July 22, 2003
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A vague perception of reality truly intended more as an online reference.
i got 324235exp in Final Fantasy XI irl
by Limbo December 03, 2005
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in real life or im retarded Larry (first used on discord as an insult to people named larry)
" got to go im going to the shops irl (in real life)" or "gotta go because irl (im retarded larry)"
by Starfleet Medical November 16, 2019
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