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When a song is good enough for your Apple iPod, you say it's ipodable.
1: Did you like that techno song?
2: It was OK, but definitely not ipodable.
by Yoshiballs May 29, 2010
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Obviously, the iPod is a brand of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple Computer.

The term IPODABLE refers to the corresponding bundled hardware, software and accessories one can use with the iPod. The term can also be used when referencing other electronic or computer devices that are not Apple products but nonetheless have been designed to work specifically with the iPod.

This term was coined by Carl Landkammer, lunch buddy extraodinaire (when Debbie or I drive of course), frequent thrower of items into people's cube's and imaging enthusiast.
Carl: Is your CD player in your car iPodable?

Nicole: Huh?

Carl: Does your CD player in your car work with your iPod, is it iPodable?

Nicole: GREAT WORD! Yes. Yes it is.
by NikkiAnn October 25, 2006
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