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One of the better rivals for the iPod, with lots more features, more room, better batterylife, and it isn't ridiculously overpriced.
- Oh man, I'm soooo cool because I bought an iPod!

- I hope you enjoy having wasted your money just to be hip, while I'm listening to my superior iRiver. Tool.
by Bas August 20, 2005
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The makers of superior portable media players.

Manufactured portable media players before the iPod was invented.
Person 1: Check out my iPod! I spent $400 on it and I can only use it with iTunes and its battery lasts about three hours!
Person 2: You retard, you should have got an iRiver!
by val1234444 September 12, 2005
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iRivers have come to be known as Ipod ripoffs, but that is simply is not true. The iRiver and the iAudio are two vastly superior mp3 players. The Best on the market. Color Screen, support for more file types, longer battery life, better build quality, FM tuner, the ability to play videos and display pictures, and better sound quality then most players. All of that for the same price as a standard plain iPod. For the people who want a good mp3 player, or for those who just want to stand out.
Typical ignorant idiot: Dude, is that an iPod?
Me: No, it's an iRiver.
Same idiot as before: HAHAHAHA you are so cheap.
Me: YOU IDIOT! it's the same price and is vastly superior to the ipod.
by Jesus the second July 23, 2005
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iRiver a company founded by ReignCom in Korea it is a DAP (Digital Audio Player you dumbass) that is vastly superior to the company known as iPod, founded by Apple. The products created by iRiver include the ifp series (flash players) T Series (Flash Players) and the new U Series (HDD based player...that plays music, and Video) H100 Series (Hdd based player...enhanced by RockBox) H300 Series (Awsome DAP that eve plays movies...and has excellent sound quality) and the PMP Seires (Portable Media Player...movies, pics, video etc...)
And if you didn't know...iRiver came out approx. four and a half years before iPods did.
Dumbass at School: is that great music player the newest iPod?
Me: no...*mumbles dumbass*
Dumbass: Oh..well if it isn't and iPod..what is it?
Me: it's an iRiver H320
Dumbass: Pssh...ur Gay
Me: are
*pushes the kid down the stairs*
In the Future: little kid looks in Toilet...engraved in the side...made from recycled iPods...
by Alibaster September 29, 2005
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almost an ipod but can
hold a lot more songs-
and has
a lot-
then an
ipod does. i bought one and
i have no problems with it!
<this definition is shaped as an I for IRIVER if anyone didn't notice>

by k-k-kayt! 212121 January 12, 2006
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