35 definitions by Spaz De Kat

a gamer martial arts style that involves grenades and missiles and jumping and rolling every half second.
signiture move: missile jump earth breaker
i know spaz fu (throws a grenade, missile jumps, then grenades incoming airplane)
by Spaz De Kat May 8, 2009
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ye olde british pronounciation of sparkle. used by D&D nerds
that diamond doth spockle, Gelmar! let us steal it from the demilich.
by Spaz De Kat January 12, 2009
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someone who fails so epically at life that they are turned to stone in a fit of mercy.
stupid rock: i spider climb up the wall!
plan man: my fighter was standing right there, so attack of opportunity... (rolls) yeah, I killed you.
by Spaz De Kat December 2, 2009
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something in a game that is sort of cheating but not against the rules
tactic cheat examples: swiming to shore in GTA:San Andreas to buy weapons after the helicopter crashes, attaching bombs to NPCs in SWBF and watching them run to thier friends, hiding in a hole where the boss can't reach, etc.
by Spaz De Kat May 7, 2009
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to assume leadership on a task, usually said by the leader of the previous task
investigator: there's hostiles up ahead. take point.
public relations: got it.
by Spaz De Kat December 8, 2009
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embedding a thrown or melee weapon into a target
excellent! got a sink with my knife!!! pwned!
by Spaz De Kat November 30, 2009
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in a typical adventuring team, the person who socializes and talks information out of the rumor mill.
negotiator: well, I was kissing my way down his thigh when he mentioned...
by Spaz De Kat December 8, 2009
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