not caring about the topic at hand
Brent: Hey that rust is called patina.

Eddie: Who gives a fuck....
by el deportante April 28, 2008
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What you say when you realize that opinions are like assholes - most stink. I'm listening to Party All the Time right now, who gives a fuck? I'm drinking soda and water at the same time, who gives a fuck? I like wearing leather jackets and turtlenecks, who gives a fuck? Not me, not you, nobody gives a flying shit. If I wanna eat macaroni with hot dogs in it and dip my chicken fingers in coke, who gives a flying fuck? I'm gonna do it anyway, and I don't give a fuck if some neckbeard peasant wants to try to shit on me for it! I don't give a fuck! Who gives a fuck? Not me, not you!

PS, if you have so much time on your hands that you DO give a fuck, please seek psychological help by calling the mental health hotline at 800-950-6264. Or not. Who gives a fuck what you do? Not me, not you!
I'm gonna dip chicken fingers in coke, all the while vibing to Party All the Time - who gives a fuck?
by Torelli_5150 November 27, 2020
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14 of June is who gives a fuck day when you go and vio people you dont like or rate
Aite you know that annoying bitch fuck her imma put it on my story that I dont like her fuck that dumb bitch its who gives a fuck day
by Black 2112 June 13, 2020
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Created by Jason Ellis its the best day of the week. its friday so you dont give a fuck about anything.

if you have a bad day on friday its because you gave a fuck.
jason ellis "its Who gives a fuck Friday and you can shove it up your ass"

rawdog "you want to take some calls?"

jason ellis "i dont give a fuck"
by 4hate0 August 4, 2010
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Sadly, no one like this exists. The shit you just said is understood by 0.00001% of people, a.k.a. you. Also, 0.00001% of people give a fuck, thus proving my point. If I were you I would suggest trying to get some friends you absolute loner. Also, congratulations. You have just got a world record. You got it for having no one give a fuck about what you said. Bravo👏.
Someone: Hey I-

You: Show me someone who gives a fuck
Someone: ...
by sklep December 19, 2021
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The closest one can come to not caring, but still giving enough of a damn to give a flying fuck.
Dude1: Hey let's go fishing!

Dude2: No, I'm not norwegian...

Dude1: Who gives a flying fuck?
by Paffz0r February 16, 2008
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