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Fancy words from top feeders
Every job has a position one that blueprints you the correct word if you utter a maleappropriatism

Four dollar words
by Tonythetiler December 11, 2021
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Kat said to the unruly customer
You wanna go its been slow today
by Tonythetiler January 23, 2021
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Saying hello from the afterlife

With that flavor fave from the shared moments back in the day
Tony the tiler wrote so many definitions in Urban dictionary. Many used Kat in the definition, some she wrote and let him gleen. He set it up she gets a mug every valentine's day even if he passes first.
Romance all Patrick Swayse like
by Tonythetiler January 16, 2022
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chris didnt take that joke very well. He really had his dick up his cunt.
by Tonythetiler November 19, 2017
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Big trick carried over from a previous sport
Raymond dam Tony how do you throw those one handed upside down mule kicks on a sailboard

Tony its easy it's a mottocrossover from my childhood BMX days
by Tonythetiler August 5, 2021
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I was so drunk anything was fair game if not for the limpdick system I would of chewed my arm off when I sobered up
by Tonythetiler November 19, 2017
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A laser printer sears that pour souls new parent designation visiting parent.
Cut out of the family picture cast into a dumpster of hate that paper parent

Never gives up
by Tonythetiler November 25, 2020
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