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voodify the time honored process of sucking the soul out of a man and leaving a walking dead corpse or shell
Nothing worse than watching a succubus voodify a cool guy
by Tonythetiler November 10, 2016

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Blue paintball splat from a porta potty splash dance
Dropped a deuce without a net ended up with a smurfburn

How do they wear white pants
by Tonythetiler March 26, 2016

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Marital aid earplugs
Whenever she gets on a rant I just slip on my marital aid
by Tonythetiler December 18, 2016

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The one transformer you don't want to meet
Nothing left after succubus prime except for a little burning
by Tonythetiler November 15, 2016

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Blue sunburn from porta potty splash
Made a big splash dropping the boys off at the pool and ended up with a Smurfburn
by Tonythetiler March 25, 2016

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Department of the interior yet another name for Vagina
I'm hoping to see the department of the interior tonight
by Tonythetiler November 12, 2016

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Vigorous sex
May not be the love of my life but it's a good stir
by Tonythetiler May 27, 2017

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