54 definitions by Tonythetiler

Pat from sucker punch band and hopefully Mike formerly or currently from Draggonflies are going over to Tony the Tilers amphitheater house on the hillside to jam.

They are gonna throwdown the Gauntlet
by Tonythetiler July 27, 2021
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Getting hurt in a manner Reminiscent of classic cartoons
Tony was cartooned when he stepped on a

2 x 4 causing a instantaneous Teeter totter slap to the face

his girlfriend Kat laughed her ass off
by Tonythetiler April 02, 2018
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Tony checked all the boxes with Kat
3 star cooking cod clean house 70's porn sex. Yeah I guess there is karma
That dude landed a unicorn

Must have paid at the office
by Tonythetiler November 12, 2020
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Guy who lays tile like a italian
Tony the tiler says if you lay it right you can walk all over it for years
by Tonythetiler September 22, 2020
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Blue paintball splat from a porta potty splash dance
Dropped a deuce without a net ended up with a smurfburn

How do they wear white pants
by Tonythetiler December 16, 2015
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Made a big splash dropping the boys off at the pool and ended up with a Smurfburn
by Tonythetiler December 15, 2015
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