Liselle is close to perfection. She is typically french and lanky with a great butt. She is shy but once you get to know her she is hilarious. She is one of the nicest girls youll meet and you can never hold a grudge against her She is constantly busy but very smart. Typically she does sports or music related things. Ask her for her favorite songs because I guarantee her music tastes are amazing. She is wise beyond her years and a little nostalgic. When your with her your having fun and laughing hysterically or debating because she likes being right. She tends to be insecure but she keeps it to herself a lot. She also can hang out with girls or boys without a problem because she could become friends with anyone. If you know a liselle don't let her go because any guy would be lucky to date her.
by AaronJ94 November 30, 2012
A Lisel, typically of the female gender, is a thing of true beauty and intelligence, and one day is likely marry Harry Styles.
A Lisel is one of the most beautiful , sophisticated creatures that has ever graced the human race with its presence on Earth
by IJustDidThisLisel December 8, 2017
a fucking rad chick who's is smart and beautiful and is gonna marry luke hemmings one day
Did you see that girl who was out with Luke Hemmings yesterday? I heard she was named Lisel.
by luke hemmings wife aye lmao December 7, 2013