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A Mean ass leader That loves beating the fuck out of starscream for a strees relief.
by Shockwave June 29, 2021
"Can't be fucked." A 1337 term used often to describe something that isn't worth their time, or to disapprove of someones request.
1. China: medic!!1
Shock: cbf u noob

2. Trojan: get on TS fag
Tooth: cbf ts
by Shockwave March 18, 2005
Interesting; A word commonly used to define the mapping skills of PS_Mouse of the NS Community.

Renowned for maps with sound effects so loud you mute the speakers just to get back to merely deaf, and gamma so bright you're tempted to install solar cells in front of your monitor to power your neighbourhood.

See also : Painful, insane, Frankenstein.
"Did you play ns_hydrosity? That's some interesting gamma right there."
by Shockwave August 17, 2004