the interceptor is what happens when you pull out when your girlfriend is giving you head, you then proceed to catch your load, screem "intercepted" in a funny voice and slap your woman in the face saying "bitch".
"INTERCEPTED BITCH" hence the interceptor
by foreign (SA) guy September 22, 2008
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A 1973 Ford Falcon XB/XB GT v8 police car used in the movie "MadMax" and also seen in "MadMax2: Roadwarrior"
VVrrrrooommmmmmmmmmm, its also v8 manual!
by leo August 3, 2004
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An interceptor is a person who tries (and sometimes succeeds) to steal a girl (or guy) from up under you while you're trying to run game. They'll come in trying to talk for themselves while you're trying to handle your business, or they may try to do it when you turn your back.
I was trying to holla at Jennifer, but Craig ol' punk ass was trying to intercept me. And he's supposed to be my boy and shit!
by Reggie June 24, 2004
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Another term for your ever faithful rubber cumstopper (condom).
Did you shag her raw or were you wearing an interceptor?
by soulglider September 18, 2009
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Body armor that can withstand high-caliber munitions, including 7.62.
"Interceptor is a cool name for a durable armor vest."
by Dave November 11, 2004
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people who engage in the the art of excitedly returning to your email inbox after receiving a notification about someone 'commenting' on anything you are involved with on facebook. This can only be done after 11pm.
The interceptors are very good at what they do
by interceptor111 March 26, 2011
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