XB is an upcoming spin off of the popular term XD. As the original resembles a happy face, this one resembles a hill-billy.
XB is to be used when somebody says something funny. It can also be used to replace :"XD, XP, :), lol, rofl, roflmao, lmao, lmfao...etc", as a synonym.
by awesomeDEEP October 12, 2009
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“XB” - Formally known as the “Xanny Boyz”, known for giving girls the daddy long dick and serving junkies in the Winthrop trap. Founding fathers The Killa 10 aka 4hunnababy and, Ounce Softy have been knee deep in the game for years and are young trap lords all about big bank rolls xanny bands and bitches
“Yoooo dawg you check out XB new jawn? That shit is fire”

Junkbox 1 “yo I need some xans and dogfood

Junkbox 2 “hit up XB they got them shits for the low low”
by 4hunnababy November 14, 2018
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Timmy-“hey bruv you wanna hop on PS4

Davey-“fuck that Xbox ten times better
by Captain Coates the 23rd January 2, 2021
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a buck tooth face for laughing or getting mad
by Solar☀WIZ April 26, 2013
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The ugly Scion brand concept knockoff of the Honda Element. This boxy vehicle was marketed to a target audience of high school boys who typically cannot afford to purchase a more expensive and better quality vehicle like a Honda Element. For unexplained reasons, it is quickly becoming a favorite vehicle among bros who are giving up their fuel inefficient bro trucks due to high gas prices. Scion provides fairly numerous accessory kits, but all the owners tend to buy the exact same ones, failing to individualize their vehicles. Because so many kits are available, most owners never install true "custom" modifications.
"I thought I saw a milkman driving down the street today, but it was just a white xB"
by bycrom February 8, 2009
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a box car. known as the the almighty toaster. its a great car with tons of space
dont hate the scion xb, its almighty, and its a toaster, whats not to like
by almightytoaster December 19, 2011
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A kick ass car from Scion/Toyota that looks like a box. Also called Toyota bB.
That Scion xB has XM radio in it! Damn!
by ididntknowthat October 29, 2007
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