Possibly one of the greatest guitarist's of our time, Joe Satriani has released over 10 records. He's known for his ingenious riffs and unbeatable solos and taught the wonder, Steve Vai, how to play guitar. Made famous when Vai told someone in an interview that he taught him how to play, and thus pulled him to glory. Also known as Satch, Joe has his own Ibanez series guitars, amps, straps and picks. Satch has redefined rock, definitely someone to see before you die. Currently touring with his band and G3.
Harry: Hey man, you hear that sick solo in Satch Boogie?
Joe: Yeah man, that was totally awesome!!! Joe Satriani rocks!!!
by Joe Wilcox April 7, 2006
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A true guitar virtuoso. He may not sweep pick at 99 nps like some people (ughghg malmsteen ughguhg) but i cant put into words how amazing he is at playing that instrument

Has taught the likes of Steve Vai, Kirk Hammett, Larry Lalonde and many more.

Created the G3 tour, in which he participates in every year.
Jim- Dude! im surfing with the alien!!

Chuck- Yeah! youre awesome

Jim- Still not as good as Joe Satriani
by Teh GIR October 14, 2007
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A god among guitarists. Joe Satriani is truely a serious ass kicker, he melts so many faces, that his amazing picking ability allows him to stitch them back up. Then the people go home and cry and wish they could play as well as Joe Satriani.
Homo new aged kid: Did you hear that new fallout boy song, "Dance, Dance" It has such a good solo!!
Me: *slap* What the fuck? Listen to a real guitarist you pressy bitch. Actually... let me blow a big load on you after I listen to G3 Foxy Lady, and then we'll talk.

Joe Satriani is truely a god.
by JudasSabbath June 14, 2006
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