Someone who tries to make everything inflammatory by encouraging escalation of actions, while pretending to be concerned about de-escalation, resolution, compromise, and intervention, or anything else that makes him/her look like a good person among bad people.
The girl's family knew she had always been an instigator, the kind of person who said fuck you to neighbors and flipped them off by coming in their town like she owned it, with the intervention programs she supported to cover her own actions, or involvement in the questionable actions of others, and make her look like a better/stronger person than she actually was.
by Solid Mantis March 31, 2021
A person who causes drama and/or conflict
Person 1: "Did you hear that Jess started those rumours about Ryan"
Person 2: "She's Such an Instigator"
by Piercethesyko June 23, 2017
Someone who likes to fuck with people's lives more than they like to do anything else.
The instigator would rather fuck with somebody else's life or talk shit about it than tend to their own (if there was one to tend to, if it wasn't a facade of a life to show everyone).
by Solid Mantis December 3, 2020
Someone who brings about or initiates something.
Man, Taylor is such an instigator!
by RickyBobby552 February 17, 2014
a person who drags out a situation when it’s never that deep.
Travis why do you always drag out a situation, why are you an instigator?”
by brittiannagotdetwap November 19, 2020
Someone that creates problems for people for no reason.
The instigator thought everyone who's deposits she took or interfered with was as soft, forgiving, and silly as her.
by The Original Agahnim January 30, 2022
Someone that nobody will miss.
The instigator was playing all sides, from rabbi to gunman, from developer to landowner/landowning organization, from cop to criminal to unarmed civilian, from black to white, from gay to straight, and from Martin Luther King statue to Confederate statue.
by The Original Agahnim January 20, 2022