She is an amazing, beautiful, funny smart, talented, and loving person. Akira can make friends easily and can make anyone laugh. She has a beautiful smile that can make anyone fall on their knees in awe.
I'm so glad yo have Akira in my life
by Nitro burrito April 15, 2017
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An Akira is a very anti-social and yet mysterious person. When she loves she loves very hard. Akira is the kind of girl you'd easily fall in love with not because of her beauty or looks but just because of her personality itself. She has a heart of a poetic to which it is never heard. She is fragile and she will eventually break down from time to time but that just means she been strong long enough to let her guard down for so long and to put it back up.

My Advice: Keep Her.
Akira is a actually soul of a poet :)
by sabrina925 February 23, 2016
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One of the most gorgeous human beings alive, and Akira will put a smile on you face. They love music, and anyone who is musically inclined. They can make friends easily and make people laugh. Very good at sport and have the most gorgeous face. If you find an Akira keep her.
‘Hey Akira’- Ethan

‘Hey, Ethan’- Akira

‘I’m so glad I’ve found you’-Ethan
‘I’m glad I’ve found you too’-Akira
by Hesfromtheriverlandkids August 18, 2018
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An Akira is a beautiful, thick, kind, girl and you can always depend on her for your problems. Akira would be a great girlfriend for she is very loyal and funny
Bro why can't i be kike an akira she is so pretty
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An anime and manga created by Otomo Katsuhiro. The manga ran from 1982 to around 1993, and the movie was released in 1988. Often considered to be the definitive anime film, Akira is a science fiction/cyberpunk that features excellent animation and a unique musical score. The movie isn't as complex as the manga, but it still features many important philosophical lessons (especially concerning the abuse of power). The movie is also very violent and action packed, but it is also extremely entertaining. Akira is a cult film as well, and it has been popular with many underground anime fans since 1990 when it was dubbed in English.

Overall, Akira was an important movie that redefined anime and introduced a new approach to Japanese animation. It opened the door for anime to the West as well as inspiring movies such as the Matrix.
Akira is a sophisticated, futuristic anime that deserves the hype and legend that surround it. Reminiscent of 2001: a Space Odyssey and Blade Runner.
by anonymous January 5, 2005
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noun. a shy but very kind hearted, bright, great, amazing person. He is everything that a girl adores and is super charming.
Syn. awesome guy
You're such an akira
by kiss-on-the-beach April 5, 2009
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Akira is one of the most amazing people you will ever, and I mean ever, meet. Akira’s are strong and independent, and wonderful partners. They will make you feel like the most amazing person you are, and makes sure you should never forget it. Akira’s are kind, hard working, and the best of best friends. Make sure you get a Akira in your life, because if you don’t, you will be super sad, and Akira’s make you feel awesome.
Akira is so awesome
I know right! She makes me soooo happy!
by Pisces and Aquarius November 11, 2020
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