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This is an expression. A way of conveying one's affection for someone special. This expression enables someone to get right to the crux of their intentions. A favorite pickup line amongst men in pursuit of a lady. Can be used interchangeably as a means of simply getting someone's attention. Some lucky recipients may be offered a positive, accommodating response by being offered the opportunity to 'snort anal crack'.
Hey baby, Can I smell your butt?!
by Big Ed Moustapha October 14, 2009
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Another way to describe a guy who enjoys anal sex. Can be used in hetero or homosexual contexts.
1. Hey sweet cheeks, how's about spreading them buns for your big Dung Daddy.
2. I know a couple of Dung Daddy's that tied the knot in kalifornia. Sent them some KY as a wedding gift.
by Big Ed Moustapha August 01, 2008
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An Egg McFuckin Idiot is somebody or group of somebody's that are in line at a fast food restaurant, are together as a group or family with only one person ordering. They wait until they are right up at the register before they start deciding what they want to order, causing everybody behind them in line to wait while they stumble thru the rocket science process of trying to read the menu. It's even worse when they have kids that start to argue. Once the order is finally placed, the whole group lumbers away to find someplace to sit.
Frequently there is no established line at a fast food restaurant and it's not uncommon to get behind somebody, only to realize they aren't even in line. Or have the attendent ask the not next person inline for their order. No visit to a fast food restaurant is complete with experiencing an Egg Mcfuckin Idiot who gets up to the register with no fucking idea about what they want to eat. How many times do these morons have to visit a fast food restaurant before having some idea about the menu?
by Big Ed Moustapha April 05, 2010
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This definition has absolutely nothing to do with cocaine. A crackhead is somebody that is addicted to smelling other people's cracks (the crack in their asses). It can be done with a willing recipient, an unwilling recipient whereby the culprit will 'sneek a snort' when convenient, or even partake in the inhaling of fumes emitted from someones chair, or soiled undies. At this time there is no known treatment available over the counter, however it's rumored the A.M.A. is addressing the issue.
Obadiah's lack of coherency became quite apparent after his long term habbit of snorting Big Edna's office chair. The red eyes and drooling have become quite pronounced and he no longer has the ability to utilize the restroom without assistance. He is the crackhead poster-boy.
by Big Ed Moustapha April 05, 2010
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Femme fatigue is what a man reaches when he’s burned out with pursuing women only to realize again and again that they are primarily all the same with regards to their sense of entitlement and the obstacles he must endure just to get some stink on his dick. This whole process costs him time and money and most always reminds him that the greater majority of women justify a man's staying single and redundantly invokes the same question: Who the hell would put up with this bitch?! Still, the situation repeats as his need for sexual gratification builds up and he’s forced to once again subject himself to the social meet up and dating scenes to re-endure his limits of frustration and sacrificial finances required to continue this bullshit.
Hey dude, are you headed out tonight?

No, I’ve got a bad case of femme fatigue and don’t have the patience for their bullshit. I may just avoid the whole fucking game and call a hooker.
by Big Ed Moustapha September 10, 2011
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From a casual perspective, 'dropping logs' can be thought of as simply taking a dump. A more serious definition would be a more deliberate approach to the art of having a bowel movement. By definition, Dropping Logs may be considered a skill by those individuals that put genuine concentrated effort into a particular bowel movement. For example; a sporting person may refer to the acquired skill of aiming turds while aloft on a tree limb as dropping logs. A person with a medical affliction like constipation may consider expressing 'dropping logs' as way of expressing verbally their feeling of relief. An animal lover may use the term affectionately, such as: Fidow did an excellent job of dropping logs on our walk this morning. It may be used as a form of personal expression: I generally am not in the habit of dropping logs at a complete stranger’s house. With a bit of imagination, the possibilities are limitless.
I caught Ginger dropping logs at my apartment when I arrived unexpectedly early. I reassured her that it was perfectly acceptable and took a massive dump myself with the door open. I warned her about the use of open flames during the process.
by Big Ed Moustapha January 05, 2010
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Making poopies refers to the act of taking a dump or taking a shit. This is the process of emitting fecal matter out of one's posterior orifice. I don't know why the term: 'taking a shit' caught on, since you're actually 'leaving' a shit'. Making poopies can be a means of describing your current situation or that of someone or something else. This expression can be used in differing tense's as given in the examples below.
Honey, you're not gonna believe this, but I have to make poopies.

Hey Louie, where's the poker dealer? Oh, he's in the shitter out back making poopies

Hey everybody, I just made poopies in my pants!
by Big Ed Moustapha October 26, 2009
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